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Services Offered

Updated January 2024


(All Estimates Free. Electronic Repair Diagnosis Requires Shop Minimum Fee of $45)


Setup: $100   

  • Includes neck adjustment, string height set at nut and bridge, intonation set, fingerboard cleaned and/or oiled, frets polished, body cleaned.

  • All setups include 30 day warranty

  • add $15 for Bigsby guitars

  • add $30 for floyd rose guitars

  • add $30 for mandolin and 12 strings

  • add $30 for Evertune bridges (we specialize in Evertune setups!!!!)

  • We specialize in offset guitar setups. If you’re looking to make your jazzmaster or jaguar play to the best of it’s ability, look no further. We have dedicated years to learning these guitars inside and out, and the results speak for themselves.

Fret Dress: $225 

  • Frets leveled, crowned, polished.

  • Setup included. 

  • All fret work is performed on a neck jig that simulates string tension to guarantee the highest accuracy 

Bone Nut Replacement $110:  

  • Additional cost may apply if neck is bowed, frets worn, or requires other setup work.

  • We can lacquer over the edges of your nut after install for an additional charge

Compensated Bone Saddle Replacement $110: 

  • Additional cost may apply if neck is bowed, or requires other setup work.

Electronics: Normally we bill per hour ($110) plus cost of parts

  • Archtop Guitars with no rear access require a $50 upcharge. We like to call this a “nuisance tax.”

  • Strat: $130 plus parts

  • Telecaster: $110 plus parts

  • Les Paul Style: $140 plus parts

  • Add $20 per push/pull or similar potentiometer


Acoustic Guitar Bridge Reset: $200 and up

  • Remove, refit, re-glue old bridge.

  • Additional charges apply for oddballs and 12 string bridges.

  • Additional charge for cedar tops and plywood. 

Crack Repair: by quote

  • includes minor touchup if necessary

  • Full touchup available by request. A full touchup does not guarantee an invisible repair.

Headstock Crack Repair: $125 and up by quote 

  • Includes minor touchup if requested

  • Full touchup available by request. A full touchup does not guarantee an invisible repair, but finish will be smoothed over

  • Final price based on a tiered system of severity. ​​

Tuner Replacement: $50 or by quote if extensive plugging and redrilling is required


Refret: $450

  • add $100 for Maple Fingerboard, Bound Fingerboard, Stainless Steel Frets

  • All fretwork done on a custom neck jig to ensure the best possible work.

  • Fret level, crown and polish included

  • New bone nut highly recommended with refret

  • Setup highly recommended with refret


Chip/Ding Repair: by quote

  • Does not include finish touchup

Finish Touchup


Relic Work is available for certain instruments that meet our criteria. We have been fortunate to study tons of vintage guitars over the years. Our relic work is second to none.


Custom Pickup Winding: by quote

  • Hand wound in house

  • Can be wound to your desired specs


Ask us about building out your Warmoth (or similar) guitar! 


If you don’t see a repair or modification listed, they’re probably available. Just give us a call and we’ll chat.


All repair  work is 100% guaranteed. If you have any issues, please contact us and we will address them.

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