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  • Under no circumstance do we service guitars that are brought to us without some kind of protection. The box it shipped in is fine, but we do recommend a gig bag or hard case. 


  • We operate strictly by appointment only. Our appointment hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10am - 5pm and Satuday from 12pm - 4pm, contingent on our availability. Please go to our appointment page to set up a time that works for you.


  • If you need to reschedule an appointment booked online, please give us 6 hours of notice prior to cancellation. If you do not give prior notification that you cannot make your appointment, a $15 cancellation fee will be added to your repair bill. 


  • Street parking only! 


  • When you arrive for a drop off or consultation, we will provide you with an estimate. There is no charge for this service. While evaluating your guitar, we will assess everything that we think the guitar needs to perform at it’s highest potential. We will not always catch everything, and you will be contacted if we think that your guitar could benefit from additional work. We try our best to avoid this, but as an ancient maxim most eloquently states: S#!t happens. We will not proceed with any work you do not agree to. 


  • All setup work is guaranteed for 30 days after pickup. We understand that sometimes wood has a mind of it’s own. We like to get to know our player’s preferences, so if you need any adjustments, we are happy to oblige at no additional charge to you. 


  • We require that all work is picked up within 7 business days of completion notification. After 7 business days, a $5 per day storage fee will be applied to your bill. After 14 days, this increases to $10


  • If your instrument is not picked up within 90 days of completion notice, it will be considered abandoned and sold to cover the cost of repair. 


  • We do not tolerate any political speech, hate speech, etc. in our shop. Everyone has their opinions, but if it isn’t about gear, we don’t want to hear it.

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